Redefining Urban Electric Mobility

Colibri is revolutionizing urban electric mobility with cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions. Experience unmatched performance, stylish design, and eco-friendly transportation as you navigate the city streets with Colibri.

Colibri’s M22 offers powerful acceleration, seamless maneuverability, and impressive range, over 200km on a single charge, for effortless urban commuting. The sleek and modern design seamlessly integrates with the urban landscape, making a statement while reducing your carbon footprint.

Colibri prioritizes sustainability with zero tailpipe emissions and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Join a vibrant community of urban explorers, sharing experiences and discovering new routes to create greener, more livable cities.

Colibri is reshaping urban electric mobility, combining high-performance vehicles, stylish design, and sustainability. Join the movement, embrace a more vibrant and eco-friendly city life with Colibri.