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Frequently asked questions

The batteries and motor have temperature sensors and safeguards to prevent overheating, shutting down around 80°C and 140°C respectively. Real-world performance will depend on factors like ambient temperature and riding style. The batteries are also designed for 1000+ cycles and 5+ years lifespan.

We use an innovative triple battery pack, housed in a sealed aluminum casing. Our unique design allows for simultaneous charging of all batteries from any standard apartment socket, ensuring convenience and quick readiness for your next adventure. 1h for 80%, 2h for 100%.

The M22 is designed to carry two passengers, and we deliver the motorcycle with an extra set of footrests. The total recommended weight for both passengers is 140kg.

Shipping will start at US$ 500 for most locations. Taxes are included for EU deliveries.


The maximum speed of the M22 is 45 km/h which is in line with EU regulation.

The Colibri M22 comes with 3 riding modes to provide the power you need.

Yes, the hub motor assists you in riding uphill up to an incline of 15 degrees.

The M22 has room for up to three batteries. You can choose how many batteries to ride with extending the range accordingly. Using 3 batteries not only extends the range but also the power curve. Power is fading much slower.

Off road mode is a setting for off road riding, where you can test the bike in unlocked mode. The M22 will be shipped to conform to local road regulations and will be limited to 45kph. However if you do not plan to ride it on the road you can ask for the off road version which will come de restricted.


Yes, you can check the battery level in two different ways. On the display of the bike and in the app that is connected to your bike.

The range depends on multiple factors like your riding mode, tire pressure, rider weight, terrain style and weather conditions. The exact specifications of the battery are not final at this moment but we expect the standard battery to be 23Ah which gives you a range of 35 to 60 kilometres. The three batteries will have about 70Ah and an expected range between 160 to 200 kilometres in normal use. In ideal circumstances and when you use the eco mode you can probably reach 230 kilometres.

Yes, the battery can be removed by unlocking it with your key. Removing the battery is only possible by opening the lid lock with a key.

When the battery is empty it takes around 2 to 3 hours to recharge. You can charge your batteries at home or on the bike with a standard wall socket.

Yes, you can choose between two different batteries for the m22. the exact specifications of the batteries are not final at this stage but are expected to have a 100A continuous discharge option available giving you up to 21.000w of power in sport mode.

Generally speaking, the battery can usually withstand around 1,000 charge cycles, so it lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 years depending on how you use it.

Other specs

We are using an all-new speed QS hub motor built with the latest technology.

The bike will weigh approximately 79 kg fully loaded with 3 batteries and about 52 kg for the lightest, 1 battery version.

Yes - the seat can be adjusted by height.

M22 is designed to carry 2 passengers, the production version comes with an extra set of footrests.

Yes, you will find these accessories in the check out page .

The M22 comes with 17-inch wheels, 4 inch wide tires to give the bike the right looks, more comfort and better riding characteristics.

At this stage, we can’t say yes or no, but it is certainly our ambition to develop multiple options. Please follow us for updates on accessories on the M22.

The maximum payload is 180 kilograms. the built-in saddle height adjustment and long saddle ensures people from various heights (from 160 to 205cm) can ride the bike.


Shipping will start at 500 USD for most locations. Taxes are included for EU deliveries. 

We will deliver to most of the European Union countries and the Unites States.

The first production batch is sold out, however by placing a deposit we will guarantee a spot in the second batch - please get in touch if you would like to secure your M22.

Yes, you can pick up your all-new Colibri M22 at our headquarters in Bucharest. Happy to help you at our workshop where it all started.

At this stage it is uncertain if the bike comes fully assembled or that you still need to do some last actions. All customers will be updated as we finalize the M22.


We provide a two-year full warranty on the bike. normal wear and tear or damage are excluded. most likely extra conditions apply to the battery. we will update customers as soon as possible when the batteries are final. warranty will be in line with industry standards.

Please contact our service team for any questions. You can reach us via phone +40 728 728 759 or email at [email protected]

Colibri is located in Bucharest, Romania. Our main office address is Maior Gheorghe Sontu street, no 6, 4th floor. Check us out on maps.

We are working on a special Colibri insurance for the M22. Updates will follow on the exact conditions in the course of 2023.

Regulation regarding wearing a helmet differs per country. You are required to wear a helmet in the EU and USA.

Your M22 is pretty low maintenance but we insist on scheduling maintenance at least once a year. In order to reduce the number of moving parts and minimize maintenance, Colibri has chosen to design the M22 with a sealed hub-motor for minimum maintenance.


At this stage we only have a few prototypes available. As we come closer to the delivery date of the first bikes, there will be an opportunity to test ride the M22. But, if you are in Bucharest contact us and we’ll sort a test ride out.

The M22 launch edition and the first editions will have exclusive colors. You can change the color when new colors come available. We will inform you in time when you can make adjustments to your ordered bike.

Lights and the kickstand are standard and included on the M22. Not included are fenders, luggage rack and trunk, some premium colors, accessories and delivery.

No, but please get in touch if you would like to pay in instalments.

At any time and without a reason, you can cancel your pre-order when your bike has not been delivered. we will refund you the full amount. you will receive the refund within 30 days of the cancellation.

Yes, we provide a 14 day return period. you will be refunded, however, the shipping cost, return cost will be deducted from the refund. the bike needs to be in mint condition. Costs arising from (minor) damages can be deducted.