With up to 200 km on just a single charge, Colibri takes you further and makes your adventure a breeze. Imagine traveling from Antwerp to Amsterdam or from London to Brighton and back, all electric, one charge needed.


Classic shape,
modern tech

Like all good things it starts with a solid base. The secret is in the chromoly frame which is built around the batteries to ensure capacity first. Colibri is a combination of simplicity and cutting-edge technology. M22 has a simple yet bold design, created and manufactured in Europe.

The elevator test

Fits inside an elevator so you can store it more easily over winter. We designed the M22 with this aspect in mind to cater to urban riders with limited space availability.

Riding modes


32 Km/h

Perfect when navigating crowded roads and speed is not your top priority. It offers you the best range and a top speed of 32km/h, 20mph.

Nimble handling
thanks to the
52kg weight

Colibri M22 is perfect for both on-road and off-road driving. Colibri has it all: extraordinary design, easy handling and – most of all – a lot of riding pleasure. Because it combines the best of a moped with the best of an e-motorcycle, it is incredibly light (79 kg) and agile. This makes it very easy to own so you can ride everywhere!


The 3000 Watt hub motor delivers amazing acceleration. It's truly fantastic to ride! Nothing can stop you if you want to explore new places. Colibri is weather proof so take it on any adventure on or off-road. If there is no path, make your own.

Hop on an enjoy the ride

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And now, ladies and gentlemen...

The geeky stuff



Hub motor

Continuous Rated Power

3.0 kW (4 hp)

Maximum Power

L1e-B Variant: 4.0 kW (5.4 hp) restricted
Off Road mode: 16kW (21 hp) burst

Max. torque

186 Nm

Maximum Power

L1e-B Variant: 45 km/h (28 mph)
Off Road Variant: 100 km/h (62 mph)

Electrical System

Traction battery

Triple Battery Pack Design
Aluminium sealed casing

Battery voltage (nominal)

72 V

Charging capacity

23 Ah


1.7 Wh


700 W

Charging time

Approx. 2h:10min for 0-100% and approx. 1h:20min for 0-80% per battery. You can charge all batteries simultaneously.


240 VAC

Chassis and brakes


CrMo Steel cradle frame

Frond suspension

45 mm inverted hydraulic shocks, 100 mm travel

Rear-wheel shock

Hidraulic with pre-load adjustment, 80 mm travel


1320 mm

Folded size

900 x 1300 mm, fits inside most elevators

Rake angle



Spoked wheels with Aluminium rims

Front rim / tyre

1.6 x 17" / 17 inch road tyres

Rear rim / tyre

1.6 x 17" / 17 inch road tyres

Front brake

Single disc brake 240mm

Front brake

Single disc brake 240mm

Dimensions and weights

Seat height at vehicle kerb weight

785 mm

Length (includes number plate fitted)

1850 mm

Height (excludes mirrors)

1080 mm

Width (over mirrors)

720 mm

Unladen weight, road ready (single battery)

55 kg

Permitted total weight

230 kg


230 kg

Service details

Tyre Pressure

Front 2.2 Bar (32 psi)
Rear 2.2 Bar (32 psi)


Front Wheel Axle Nuts - 65 Nm
Rear Wheel Axle Nuts - 100 Nm
Securing bolts - front brake caliper to fork leg - 25Nm
Securing bolts - rear brake caliper to swingarm - 18 Nm
Rear Mudguard stay fixings to swingarm - 10 Nm
Rear Mudguard to stay fixings - 8 Nm
Rear Mudguard to swingarm (front fixing) - 10 Nm


1 battery pack

Maximum Range - 40miles

2 battery pack

Maximum Range - 80miles

3 battery pack

Maximum Range - 120miles