2023 in Review: Ride Colibri’s Milestones and Future Plans

For the past 12 months, our team has continued working on the development of Ride Colibri M22, the world’s longest-range electric motorcycle. During this time, we’ve achieved several key milestones that bring us closer to launching our product to the public.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Perfected the electric motorcycle prototype for the highest quality and performance
  • Pitched our flagship product, Ride Colibri M22, on ‘Shark Tank Romania’
  • Secured $220,000 in pre-seed funding with support from six angel investors
  • Brought on new team members to fast-track production and delivery

Read through this year-in-review to get an up-close look at Ride Colibri’s 2023 milestones and plans for the upcoming year.

Taking a Look Back at 2023

1. Product Development and Prototyping

2023 was a year of upgrades for the M22 prototype as we:

  • Installed motorcycle disc brakes for better stopping power
  • Increased the battery capacity from 23Ah to 25Ah
  • Redesigned the battery for easier insertion/removal
  • Beefed up the controller’s power from 80A to 200A for faster top speeds (+110 km/h in off-road mode)
  • Improved airflow by relocating the controller
  • Simplified the frame to reduce weight and improve build quality
  • Redesigned the headlight unit

After outfitting the prototype with superior components and running it through a series of tests, Ride Colibri M22 is now set to enter into production.

2. Administration and Team Dynamics

The Ride Colibri team took frequent trips to Satu Mare, Romania, to oversee the assembly process.

“The team welding the frames show pride in their work; they’re determined to go above and beyond! This is why I’m proud of what we’ve achieved this year.”
Petre Georgescu, Founder of Ride Colibri

Plus, we’ve welcomed two new team members:

  • Dana, who takes charge of the homologation process
  • Sabin, who supports and contributes to product development

This added expertise will allow us to accelerate the development, production, and delivery of our electric motorcycle.

3. PR, Marketing, and Advertising

Petre Georgescu pitched Ride Colibri M22 on ‘Shark Tank Romania’ to secure an investment of €200.000 aimed at reducing customer wait and delivery times.

The ‘Sharks’ bargained hard, so we didn’t reach an agreement. But not long after the hit TV show aired, six business angels were ready to invest in our flagship product—allowing us to raise $220,000 in pre-seed funding and obtain the necessary resources to bring Ride Colibri M22 to the global market faster than the industry standard.

Other important accomplishments:

  • Rebranded our urban mobility company, formerly known as Colibri, to Ride Colibri
  • Rolled out targeted ad campaigns to broaden our audience reach
  • Published blog posts that offer useful information and advice for riders
  • Distributed content across motorcycle-oriented communities

4. Challenges and Solutions

Success doesn’t come without a few bumps in the road.

Despite facing a few difficulties this year, from sourcing parts to dealing with bureaucratic red tape, we’ve managed to adapt and find solutions to all problems before the year’s end.

Throughout it all, we stayed focused on what is most important to us: product quality and customer satisfaction—and that has kept us on course.

Looking Ahead to 2024

We have big plans for the coming year and are excited about all the new growth opportunities that will come our way.

Our top priorities are:

  • Shipping the Ride Colibri M22 electric motorcycle to customers across the globe
  • Launching a modern and user-friendly Shopify store
  • Expanding Ride Colibri’s product range to better serve our growing customer base

That’s a Wrap!

It’s been quite the year for Ride Colibri; all the hard work we put into product development, marketing, and sales has been rewarded with a steady increase in our customer base.

But we’re just getting started! As we discussed in this retrospective, the Ride Colibri M22 electric motorcycle is set to be delivered to our buyers in the upcoming year—and we’ll continue to expand our brand.

A huge thank you to all our team members, investors, partners, clients, and everyone who has supported us along the way! Together, let’s make 2024 the best year yet. 🥂

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