7 Best Electric Motorcycles under $5,000

Electric motorcycles are eco-friendly, much quieter than gasoline-powered vehicles, and easy to take care of. Plus, many of them have excellent mileage and can cover a lot of ground before they need recharging.

Still, some cost a lot of money.

The price tags on high-end models can really put a dent in your wallet, but affordable options exist. And with new models hitting the market at such a rapid pace lately, there’s a ride to fit every budget. Today, you can actually own a well-spec’d-out electric motorcycle for under $5,000.

We’ve searched the market and found 7 electric motorcycles with impressive peak power, range, and design that cost less than $5,000.

7 Electric Motorcycles under $5,000 That Pack a Punch


Price: Starts at $2,799 + VAT* (single battery model)︱ $3,795 + VAT* (triple battery model)

*Only the first 100 pre-orders get this offer. After that, all prices will be up by 30%!

Top speed: 90 km/h

Range: up to 200 km

Colibri M22 is a long-range electric motorbike that blends smart mobility technology with a simple design. Classified as an L1e-b electric motorbike, the M22 is easy to maneuver through city traffic as it weighs only 52 kg (single battery model) and 79 kg (triple battery model).

It’s built with a low-noise 4,000W hub motor, so it offers plenty of power, too. But let’s not forget about range: with the Colibri M22, you’re able to travel up to 200 km on a single charge—on and off-road. It has a well-lit LCD display, 3 removable lithium-ion batteries, 3 riding modes (eco, dynamic, and off-road) as well as BLDC motor controllers and an effective braking system for your safety. If you’re up for longer rides, the motorbike’s hydraulic full suspension and memory foam padded seat will keep you comfortable for hours. It also folds up neatly for easy parking and storage.

Plus, you can personalize the M22 to your liking; pick from a range of accessories (from luggage racks to LED lights) and 3 paint accents.


Price: £2,999 (single battery model) ⇒ 〜$3,800£3,499 (dual battery model) ⇒ 〜$4,400

Top speed: 75 km/h

Range: up to 100 km

The Super SOCO TC Wanderer is a retro-style electric motorcycle with all kinds of modern features like keyless ignition, an in-built alarm, and a tracking system that keeps your ride secure. Through the Super Soco app, you can track your motorcycle in real time and check the battery charge status.

This motorcycle comes in three vintage-inspired colors: ceramic blue, vintage green, and stormy gray.

It hits up to 75 km/h, great for both city and out-of-town rides. The Super SOCO TC Wanderer is powered by a 2,500W motor and can have either one or two batteries. Depending on the number of batteries used, it provides a range of 50 km or 100 km. But it’s been mentioned that it takes some time to accelerate to the desired speed.

3. EAHORA 4000W M8S

Price: $4,780

Top speed: up to 50 mph ⇒ 〜80 km/h

Range: 60–70 miles ⇒ 〜96–112 km

The Eahora 4000W M8S electric scooter is built for fast-paced rides. With a 4,000W motor that generates 170 NM of torque, it delivers great speed (up to 50 mph or 〜80 km/h) and rapid acceleration, while allowing you full control.

It can scrape when used on stairs due to its design, so be sure to walk it down carefully.

You don’t need to worry about water damage as this scooter features waterproof wiring. It’s also equipped with an IP6 color LCD display, a removable lithium battery that you can easily plug in and charge up, and a 72V 70A integrated controller that makes your ride safer.


Price: $4,999

Top speed: 55+ mph ⇒ 〜88 km/h

Range: 120 miles (with 41ah battery) ⇒ 〜193 km

Built in Los Angeles, the RCR 72V Street Kit by ONYX Motorbikes is a vintage-style electric bike for city commuting and off-road use. The two-wheeler supports three power levels and different speed modes (economy, normal, and sport) that allow you to choose between energy-saving or high-speed rides. Just remember to use the normal and sport modes for off-road fun only.

The RCR 72V Street Kit incorporates a hi-powered hydraulic disc at the front as well as a regenerative and hybrid hydraulic disc at the rear.

The bike’s 3 riding modes, each with ranges of up to 45 miles (〜72 km), 70 miles (〜112 km), and 120 miles (〜193 km), ensure that you won’t run out of power mid-ride. Still, a few concerns exist: reviewers point out that the suspension is rigid and the bike feels heavy.


Price: $3,495

Top speed: up to 35 mph ⇒ 〜56 km/h

Range: up to 25 miles ⇒ 〜40 km

Made exclusively for off-road use, Volcon’s RUNT LT features a silent, high-torque 2kw motor and can reach speeds of up to 35 mph (〜56 km/h). The electric motorcycle’s low seat height and narrow frame make it a practical choice for shorter riders who often struggle to find bikes that suit their stature. It’s also well-suited for compact trails and can even double as a pit bike.

The Runt LT is water-resistant and built to take on many types of off-road terrain. Plus, it’s quite easy to handle thanks to its low center of gravity and lightweight construction. But tall riders may not find it comfortable, while a child might struggle with its weight of 147 pounds (〜66 kg).

The range doesn’t disappoint: on a single charge, the RUNT LT can cover a distance of up to 25 miles (〜40 km).


Price: Starting at $4,599

Top speed: up to 40 mph ⇒ 〜64 km/h

Range: 2.3 kWh (70 miles) ⇒ 〜112 km︱2.8 kWh (80 miles) ⇒ 〜128 km

Piezo is a Class 2 electric bike by Monday Motorbikes designed for today’s city riders; think urban commuters and delivery pros.

The bike is built with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame. It is sturdy but quite heavy and best for those within the 5’8’’ (172.72 cm) to 6’4’’ (193.04 cm) height range, as per reviews. But if you are within this range, you can enjoy riding this bike in both hilly areas and city traffic. Piezo can cover long distances, offering two lithium NMC battery options: 2.4 KWh for a 70-mile range (〜112 km) and 2.8 KWh for an 80-mile range (〜128 km).

Monday Motorbikes has developed and patented Piezo’s vibration-free 2kw hub motor. This motor, along with a 72V power system, is integrated with a Bluetooth app for added security.


Price: €4,690 〜$5,000

Top speed: 45 km/h

Range: 55 km

The Bonfire S is an electric moped handcrafted in Munich, Germany, and inspired by vintage scramblers and trackers of the 60s and 70s.

This electric moped has a strong wheel hub motor and runs silently, though some have noticed a distinct rattle when riding on cobblestone roads.

It can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h, which is relatively low compared to other options, but provides a generous range of 55 km on a single charge. Charging is simple, as it can be done using a standard 220-volt outlet.

The Bonfire S offers personalization choices, too. You can pick the tank color from options like black, silver, olive, orange, or grey, and select your preferred seat color, which can be either black or brown.


Going electric doesn’t mean emptying your pockets; many electric motorcycles not only cost less upfront but they’re also cheaper to recharge and run over time.

And no, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance when opting for a budget-friendly bike. Today, an electric motorcycle for adults can hit speeds of 45 mph, 80 mph, or even over 100 mph. 🔥 Many offer impressive ranges that will keep you on the road longer. Plus, thanks to advanced lithium-ion battery packs and fast chargers, you can juice up your bike and hit the road in no time—fully charged.

So if you’re serious about investing in an electric motorcycle under $5,000, let’s talk!






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