Colibri M22

How it all started: Mobility


Meet Petre. He is a fan of easy, fast & convenient mobility. Petre started his 2 wheeled journey by designing the Hummingbird Bike, known as the lightest foldable bicycle in the world.

Petre spent years living in London and experiencing the daily struggles of urban traffic in a big city. And he was not the only one having issues. The average commute times in London were rising to 85 minutes a day and costing 5 722 € per year. 

He knew there had to be a better way to go around the city. That’s how Petre got inspired to create the Colibri electric motorbike. 

The Colibri electric motorbike offers a cost-effective solution, with the cost of one commute being as much as a cup of coffee per month.

An idea. A concept.
An excellent electric motorbike.


After designing the world's lightest folding bicycle, the Hummingbird, Petre decided to take things one step further and apply the learnings into a all in one solution for urban commuters:

A fun and comfortable folding electric motorcycle that you can ride all week and store away in your balcony or garage when you’re not using it.

Colibri M22 aims to offer an alternative to uncomfortable urban transport and unsustainable work commutes. 

With its highly customisable electric motor and broad range of accessories, the Colibri requires less charging than other competitors, making it an affordable and practical option for city dwellers. 

The team that made it all come to life

Petre is joined by co-founders Gabriela and Radu, who bring technology and marketing expertise to the table, with Gabriela being an established marketing guru, and Radu an experienced and creative software engineer. 

Together, we are an ambitious and dynamic team, dedicated to bringing freedom and agile mobility to everyone who wants to stop wasting time with their daily commute.

Petre Georgescu
  • Inventor of World's Lightest Folding Bike
  • Founder of Hummingbird Bike (YC SU20)
  • $2.5M+ in units sold | Exited to Formula 1 Manufacturer
  • Founder of VELTRA BIKES
  • Winner of European Transport Innovation Challenge
Head of Homologation
  • Compliance expert
  • Expert in regulatory and manufacturing standards.
  • Product Designer
  • UX/UI/Visuals
Senior Engineer
  • Ex Dyson, Prodrive, INEOS
  • Extensive experience in automotive
  • LSE MSc in Management
  • Cornell MBA
Gabriela Amarie
Investor & Advisor
  • CMO of Leading Tech BPO in Romania
  • Two exits in tech
Chris Severson
Investor & Advisor
  • Managing Director @ Terra Firma Capital Partners
  • Former TOPGUN F/A-18 pilot
  • VC Investor
Radu-Sebastian Amarie
Investor & Advisor
  • AI Founder acquired by Softbank-backed Unicorn
  • Full-stack engineer
  • Founder of 9k strong Developer community
Paul Robert Cary
Investor & Advisor
  • SVP AI Creative Automation Products @Jellysmack
  • Founder(Exit)
  • Angel | VC Advisor
Shane Gray
Investor & Advisor
  • Founder | Investor | Consultant
  • Board Advisor - Focused on Recruitment and Staffing
Ștefan-Gabriel Muscalu
Investor & Advisor
  • Infrastructure Architect & AI
  • Exit in Tech
  • Deploying scalable machine learning systems
Alexandru Grossu
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Runs an online battery business
  • Expert Fabricator
Bogdan Georgescu
  • Founder Novel Ventures
  • Colliers Business Expert
  • 2 successful exits
  • Aspire academy mentor