Colibri M22

The longest-range
electric motorbike

The first electric motorcycle with a 200 km range of exploration for real-world roads on a single charge.

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Get the best of electric motorbikes.
Long Range. Comfort. Style.

Enjoy longer adventures on just a single charge.

200 km

With up to 200 km on just a single charge, Colibri was is a comfortable, low-noise, fume-free and quick-charging electric motorbike.
With a hydraulic full suspension and a memory foam padded seat, Colibri promises a springy journey getting you from A to B, and enjoyable longer distances on open roads.

Smooth and easy rides.
Efficient. Powerful. Accessible.

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Longest range on the market and great design at a fantastic price.
With Colibri M22 you get the best bang for your buck. How?

  • We’re launching directly, subtracting the crowdfunding platform fees
  • It’s hand-built, with no expensive mass-production or third-party pieces
  • The design is simple, so there are no unnecessary manufacturing costs

A rock solid bike. Minimalist. Practical. Foldable.

If there’s one feature of our electric motor bike that we can bet you’ll love just as much as the 200 km range, that’s the fact that it folds!

The Colibri M22 can be easily stored in your flat or on the terrace when not in use, in just 3 simple steps: remove the batteries, disconnect the swing arm, and… lift!

Our story:
Why should you trust us?

We’re a dedicated, ambitious and dynamic team, with a diverse background in design, engineering and software.

One achievement we’re super proud of? We designed and successfully delivered Hummingbird on Kickstarter - the lightest foldable bike in the world.



Plan more. Do more.
You have too much to do and see instead of charging your electric motorbike every 2 hours.

Frequently asked questions

M22 is designed to carry 2 passengers, the production version comes with an extra set of footrests.

Shipping will start at 500 USD for most locations. Taxes are included for EU deliveries.

The first production batch is sold out, however by placing a deposit we will guarantee a spot in the second batch - please get in touch if you would like to secure your M22

Off road mode is a setting for off road riding, where you can test the bike in unlocked mode. The M22 will be shipped to conform to local road regulations and will be limited to 45kph. However if you do not plan to ride it on the road you can ask for the off road version which will come de restricted

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Colibri M22.
Designed & built in Romania.

The M22 design is based on Petre’s very own concept of how an electric motorcycle can be powerful and compact at the same time.

After lots of experimenting with the unique folding design and lots of testing with a wide range of options for brakes, wheels, handlebars and controls, we have finally selected our main suppliers.

We started the production for the Colibri M22 electric motorbike in our facility in Romania.

Want to talk more about urban mobility solutions with us? Get in touch!