Colibri m22

Ride into the future,
your way.

The first electric bike with a 200 km range of exploration on a single charge.

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max range

200 km

With up to 200 km on just a single charge, Colibri takes you further and makes your adventure a breeze. Imagine traveling from Antwerp to Amsterdam or from London to Brighton and back, all electric, one charge needed.

Great usable design.

This way you can store the bike in your flat or on the balcony for peace of mind. The bike can be collapsed for storage when not in use, in 3 simple steps: remove the batteries, disconnect the swing arm and lift...

starting from

2,799 $

Unbeatable range and great design at a fantastic price. Colibri M22 is street legal in the US & EU. It is equipped with rear view mirrors, indicator lights, reflectors, fenders, license plate carrier, a powerful horn and a digital display.

*In Europe you need a car or a moped license to ride. In the US, the required license depends on your state’s regulation. Please check beforehand.

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the 🐘 in the 🏠

Our mission is to make our bikes accessible so we have decided to pre-sell the M22 on our website. By launching directly we can subtract the crowdfunding platform fees from your Colibri M22 and keep it affordable. Price starts at 2.799$ for the single battery model. Act fast only the first 100 backers will receive this price.

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We designed and successfully delivered the Hummingbird bike on kickstarter.
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We are a dedicated team with a diverse background in design, engineering and software. Get in touch if you want to talk urban mobility solutions and more.
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You have too much to do and to see instead of charging your bike every 2 hours.
Plan more. Do more.

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The team
Petre Georgescu
  • Inventor of the lightest folding bike
  • $2.5M+ sales with Hummingbird Bike
  • Y Combinator SU20
Gabriela Amarie
Investor & Advisor
  • Full-stack product marketer
  • 2 businesses, 2 exits
  • Product Executive
Radu-Sebastian Amarie
Investor & Advisor
  • Math background
  • Full-stack software engineer with a focus on Artificial Intelligence
  • 1 exit (Kamua, the AI-based video editor)
Senior Engineer
  • Ex Dyson, Prodrive, INEOS
  • Extensive experience in automotive
  • LSE MSc in Management
  • Cornell MBA
  • Product Designer
  • UX/UI/Visuals
Alexandru Grossu
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Runs an online battery business
  • Expert Fabricator
Bogdan Georgescu
  • Founder Novel Ventures
  • Colliers Business Expert
  • 2 successful exits
  • Aspire academy mentor

Frequently asked questions

The maximum speed of the m22 is 45 km/h which is in line with EU regulation.

The M22 has room for up to three batteries. You can choose how many batteries to ride with extending the range accordingly. Using 3 batteries not only extends the range but also the power curve. Power is fading much slower.

Yes, the battery can be removed by unlocking it with your key. Removing the battery is only possible by opening the lid lock with a key.

When the battery is empty it takes around 2 to 3 hours to recharge. You can charge your batteries at home or on the bike with a standard wall socket.

The bike will weigh approximately 79 kg fully loaded with 3 batteries and about 52 kg for the lightest, 1 battery version.

Yes - the seat can be adjusted by height.

Shipping fees vary per country and are shown when you order the bike. Check before ordering if the M22 is available for your country.

We provide a two-year full warranty on the bike. normal wear and tear or damage are excluded. most likely extra conditions apply to the battery. we will update customers as soon as possible when the batteries are final. warranty will be in line with industry standards.

At this stage we only have a few prototypes available. As we come closer to the delivery date of the first bikes, there will be an opportunity to test ride the M22. But, if you are in Bucharest contact us and we’ll sort a test ride out.

At any time and without a reason, you can cancel your pre-order when your bike has not been delivered. we will refund you the full amount. you will receive the refund within 30 days of the cancellation.

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Great features work great with a limited deal of 28% off. Sign up for the newsletter to find out more.